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How to Download from Zippyshare

If you are here then you are probably having issues downloading from zippyshare. Don’t worry downloading from ZippyShare is as easy as downloading from We added this alternative link cause sometime our server might be slow or we might be working on our servers.

That being said lets get into downloading with Zippyshare

Video Guide

Watch on Youtube:

Text Guide

Like I said before downloading from Zippyshare is very easy just follow the following steps

  1. Click on the link with “(Zippyshare)” on it and wait for the page to open
  2. Do not expect the download to start immediately remember this is not our native server
  3. When the page has opened search for a button with “DOWNLOAD NOW” written boldly on it.
  4. Your download should start immediately its clicked



Now wasn’t that easy?? Enjoy downloading 



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