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The Suicide Squad TV Spot Includes New Footage Of Harley Quinn & Thinker


Just days after the release of the first trailer, James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad gets a new TV spot offering fresh looks at Task Force X.

The latest footage from James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad reveals brand new looks at characters like Harley Quinn and Thinker. With the poorly received 2016 Suicide Squad in the rearview mirror, Warner Bros. is looking to reinvent the DC antihero team. Guardians of the Galaxy helmer Gunn was brought in to write and direct this semi-sequel, semi-reboot of the property, which will introduce a new Task Force X as they embark on a dangerous mission to the island of Corto Maltese. Only one thing is certain: Several of them will die.

The Suicide Squad is currently one of the most anticipated DC projects on the release calendar, which is a good thing since it is also the next slated to arrive. The film will debut both in theaters and on HBO Max this August, and the marketing campaign has begun to heat up in earnest. Last Friday, Gunn unveiled the official trailer for The Suicide Squad, thus giving fans their first proper looks at the violent mayhem at the center of the film. Now, mere days later, new footage has been made available.

On social media, Gunn revealed the first TV spot for The Suicide Squad. Though it contains some of the same scenes as the trailer, it features new peeks at different characters, including Peter Capaldi’s Thinker. He actually speaks this time, during the moment where Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Bloodsport (Idris Elba), and Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) lay out what will happen to him if he breaks any of their rules. The answer is: He’ll die. Check it out the new spot down below.

Due to The Suicide Squad boasting a seriously massive cast, there are still several characters who haven’t really received much attention in the initial pieces of footage. Still, the above TV spot offers plenty of thrilling new glimpses of the colorful characters who make up Task Force X, including Mongal (Mayling Ng). Plus, Bloodsport and Peacemaker (John Cena) get a new interaction, which hints at the adversarial relationship between the two. Task Force X was always bound to be a dysfunctional group, but all signs so far point to The Suicide Squad being even more wonderfully unhinged than initially believed.

Prior to the trailer’s release, fans begged Gunn repeatedly for fresh looks at The Suicide Squad. The past few days have seen an embarrassment of riches, but it’s just the beginning. With several months between now and The Suicide Squad‘s release, there will be plenty more teases ahead. This TV spot is just one of many that will roll out in the coming weeks, so be prepared to see a lot more of these complicated characters.

Source: James Gunn/Twitter



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